Sample output

What to expect from a Onepush Building Package? Download a sample in PDF. And find out what makes our Plate & Profile files, Forming mold files and Building guides stand out.

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Compatible with leading 3D software exports
Nupas Cadmatic
Dassault Catia
Siemens NX
Rhinoceros 3D

Effortless quality upgrade

The better the Building Package, the more time you need to create it? Not anymore. We're lucky to live in the automation age. Automated Production Preparation technology allows you to reduce the time spent in production preparation whilst benefiting from superior Building Package quality.

Plate cutting files

Flattened plate parts ready to produce

Plate DXF files

Pallet list

Profile cutting files

Enjoy automated end cuts

Profile cutting list

3D profile step files

Profile detail PDFs

Forming mold files

An overview of all molds and their details

Forming DXF files

Forming molds list

Forming 3D Reference model

Forming production booklet

Building guides

Extra guidance during your production process

Plate & profile production booklet

Plate & profile 3D reference model

Superior Building Packages improve production efficiency

Production teams are often confronted with issues in cutting files and building guides. And mostly left with no choice but manual sorting and marking. This slows down production and brings down morale.
Automated Production Preparation generates spotless files and guides. It includes detailed plate and profile markings. And offers pre-sorted files.
Our customers diligently calculate their labor cost per ton. And they report savings up to 20%, due to Automated Production Preparation. Can you imagine the impact on your next project?

Free test project

Seeing is believing. Transform your 3D construction model into a high quality Building Package, as a test. Free of charge.
This allows you to compare the speed, output and price of Automated Production Preparation to what you are used to.