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Automation is a huge opportunity
for yacht and shipbuilders

Our team has 40+ years of experience in yacht and shipbuilding. Working alongside structural engineers, production preparation specialists and production teams at leading shipyards, we came to a conclusion: there's a big opportunity for automation in the pre-production and production process.

Creating Building Packages takes too long

It all started with our personal frustration. We witnessed how it would take weeks before a final 3D construction model was transformed into a Building Package. And when the plates, profiles and building information would finally arrive at the production floor, it wasn’t even meeting the expectations of the production teams. How could this be?

Waste is the enemy of profit

We couldn’t believe the waste involved in the production preparation process. And we were puzzled by the amount of manual and routine work that was left to highly trained professionals. Everyone involved was frustrated. And at the same time no one seemed dedicated to finding a definitive solution.

Opportunity to improve margins

Meanwhile the whole yacht and shipbuilding industry is frantically looking to decrease costs and lead times. To us, it was a mystery why everyone was overlooking the potential savings to be made in the production preparation process.

Onepush was born

A brainstorm in 2016 led to a one-word conclusion: automation. Our belief was that the product preparation process could be taken to the next level by leveraging the power of automation. The beauty of automation is that it can make processes better, simpler, faster and cheaper at the same time. Everyone involved benefits.

Let’s benefit from proven technology

Onepush follows in the footsteps of other industries, like automotive or aviation. The benefits of automation for a production process have already been demonstrated. Let’s ride the wave.

Yacht and shipbuilding industry

Since the 2016 brainstorm we’ve been pushing hard. We spent thousands of hours to find a way to apply the power of automation to the specificities of structural yacht and ship building. The power of automation could only be unlocked by truly understanding the industry reality.

Expert interviews

Many hours were spent visiting shipyards, talking to structural engineers and production preparation specialists. Where did they feel they were wasting their time?
And many hours were spent interviewing welders and foremen. Our aim was to discover the real frustrations on the production floor. Afterwards, together with production directors, we calculated the total value of solving these frustrations. A compelling business case was created. And we knew what to build.

Fast forward to today: cutting files in <48 hrs

Today our Automated Production Preparatoin tool automatically transforms any 3D construction model into a high quality building package, including all desired plate, profile and building information. Your DXF’s will be ready within 48 hours.

Proud of our loyal clients

A growing number of leading yacht and shipbuilders and their suppliers are benefitting from our technology. Automated Production Preparation makes the lives of their structural engineers, production preparation specialists and production teams easier. And their management has concluded they’re building faster and cheaper.

> 95% returning customers

Don’t take our word for it. Our proof is their loyalty. We don’t have long term contracts. Still, over 95% of our clients chose to use Onepush for every single project they’re building. What more can we ask for?

How we do business

We thought long and hard about how we want to do business. We want to keep things simple and fun for everyone involved.

No subscription fees

We dislike expensive software subscriptions as much as you do. You pay per project, per plate part. No other fees.

Free cooperation

We only charge for Building Packages, the rest is free: 3D construction model smart scan, Building Package customization, unlimited 3D viewer access and much more.

User driven features

We build what matters most to you. Your feedback helps us prioritize what we we build next.

Free access

We want to connect everyone in the pre-production and production process. Free unlimited users.

Free updates

We want everyone to benefit from continuous improvements. Technology updates are instantly available for all users.

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