Product demo

A demo is a 60 to 90 minute 1-on-1 meeting. Online or on site. During a demo you find out how our Automated Production Preparation tool can help your company save time, money and frustration

60 to 90 min free demo
Online or on site
Free test project

Demo explained

Product demo

A demo starts with us getting to know you, your way of working and your ambitions. Afterwards we demonstrate how production preparation automation can help you realize your ambitions. Together we’ll calculate your savings.

  • On site
  • Online


A demo is most effective if attended by the relevant experts. Usually it’s your colleagues who are expected to benefit most from the technology. For example:

Director of Operations

Might be interested in the business case. What savings can be expected, per section or per ship.

Head of Engineering

Might be interested in time savings. What part of manual (internal or outsourced) structural engineering activities can be automated.

Work Preparation Specialists

Might be interested in customization options. How to quickly and easily create a building package that exactly matches production preferences.

Head of Production

Might be interested in efficiency. How much time can be saved on the production floor, during sorting and welding.

Free test model

Seeing is believing. You want to be sure that your 3D construction models can benefit from automated production preparation. Therefore, we offer to produce a high quality building package, as a test. Free of charge.

Supported file formats
  • STEP
  • 3DM
  • IGES
  • DWG

Demo summary

In short, a demo is a great way to answer the following questions

1. Way of working

How will production preparation automation technology seamlessly integrate with your way of working

2. Business case

What are the expected savings for your company, client or supplier