Building package

Build faster by effortlessly upgrading your Building packages: Plate & Profile cutting files, Forming mold cutting files and Building guides.

What's included?

A Onepush Building package includes everything you need to start cutting, forming and building. The files are customized to your way of working and will therefore prevent questions and issues. These files will make cutters, formers and builders happy.

Plate cutting files

Flattened plate parts ready to produce. Our Plate cutting files are always accurate, no checking needed. Extensive markings means you can build directly from plate information.

One Zip file

All DXF's sorted to your needs, ready for cutting and forming companies

Plate list

Full overview of plate parts and their specifics

All parts DXF

All DXF's in one overview for quick reviewing

Plate STEP files 3D

You can pinpoint and export intricate parts that surpass DXF's capacity as a STEP file for milling machines.

Profile cutting files

Get production and assembly files for profiles with Onepush. Enjoy automated end cuts detection and comprehensive details.

Profile detail PDF’s

Get Detailed Profile Views for profiles with difficult details that require manual processing by humans.

Profile STEP files 3D

For robotic processing

Profile cut list

Cutting information combined in one list including end cuts

Profile Purchase list

Purchase information on length and stock totals

Forming cutting files

All files you need to pre-form the plates before assembly. Onepush Forming cutting files lead to material and cost savings. You only select the molds you need.

Forming mold DXF’s

All 2D mold DXF’s in one Zip file

Forming mold list

An overview of all molds and their details

Forming mold production booklet

3D Iso views of separate plates and all the connecting molds

Forming mold 3D reference model

A 3D file containing all molds for quick insight

Building guides

Extra guidance during your production process. Onepush Building guides are complemented with access to a 3D viewer.

Production booklet

3D ISO views of construction.

3D reference model

Offline reference model.

More details?

You can access an example of a Onepush Building package, for free. Study actual Plate & Profile cutting files, Forming mold cutting files and Building guides. And discover for yourself how high quality customized files can help accelerate your building process.

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