Superyacht building >24m

Large yachts are the pinnacle of innovation and craftsmanship. Superyachts cater to the needs of an exceptionally demanding group of owners and their representatives. Their dreams and resources help drive innovation in the design of hulls and superstructures. But when it comes to yacht construction building, it’s still all about efficiency. Bringing down the cost per ton is always a priority.

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Small efficiencies
have big impacts

Realizing te next 10% time or cost reduction is a challenge

Superyacht builders have often already optimized many aspects of their structural engineering and production process. Realizing new efficiencies, in hull and superstructure building, becomes increasingly difficult.

Every engineering and production leader is expected to improve quality, speed and margins

Regardless of previous improvements, structural engineers and production specialists are expected to keep identifying new ways to bring down costs, hours and lead times. Whilst maintaining the flexibility to incorporate last-minute changes and revisions.

What if you can automate manual labor and eliminate issues?

Automation offers the opportunity to eliminate all repetitive tasks of structural engineers and production preparation specialist. Automation also prevents countless production issues.

Create the perfect building package without losing any time

Automated Production Preparation allows you to easily generate a perfect building package. After the structural engineers sign off a 3D construction model, you’re in control. In 2 hours you can prepare and customize your building package. This includes: Plate markings, Building guides, Profile cutting files and Forming mold cutting files.



Get instant insights and inspect your 3D model: parts, issues, weight and more



Choose cutting, forming & building preferences that will accelerate construction



Complete your order by selecting the files and details relevant to you



Download your files. Accelerate production via online 3D viewer

Technology made simple

An easy and transparant tool. Automated Production Preparation empowers anyone to create a high quality customized Building Package. In no time.

No subscription

You flexibly use the tool when you want to. You’re charged per project, per part. The average price is < €5,00 per plate part. No other fees. Unlimited users.

Instant project quotes

You instantly receive a quote, for every 3D construction model you upload. This quote can be customized, by selecting only the Plate & Profile files, Forming mold files and Building guides you need for your project.

Dedicated marine construction tool

The Onepush Platform has been designed to meet the highly specialized requirements of shipyards, such as class proof weld markings, revisions, overlength, bevels and chamfers, double-sided printing, and logistics.

No software installation

A browser and internet is all you need. Create an account in <3 mins and you're good to go. You decide which users get access to your company projects.

No training required

You don't need engineering skills to use the tool. Automatic Production Preparation empowers anyone with a 3D construction model, to create a hiqh quality customized Building Package.

Projects delivered

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Superstructure section
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Hull section
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Top mast
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