Discover the extraordinary features that will revolutionize your experience with our product


Add & remove parts

With the Add & remove parts feature you can easily adapt and work to a final model. When everything is in order start the production.


Share models & projects with anybody

Share your models and projects to collaborate on. Easy collaboration will help reduce production issues.


Customization Presets

Customization Presets are created to customize the model effortlessly. With one click the Navigator groups, the Colorize by and the Info panel are set up for a specific job.



Hotkeys are shortcuts in the viewer. Every viewer function like Show or Hide have Hotkeys. With the Hotkeys you can speed up the navigation through your model up to three times.


Model dashboard

Model dashboard is a dashboard to get a quick overview of the status, remarks, issues & enrichments of a model. One overview of all model data.



The navigator is specially designed to view, filter and select the parts of the model on any scanned or enriched attribute available. This will give Instant insights in all model data.

Get a full overview of all features with a demo

A product demo is a great way to learn more about Automated Production Preparation, and to learn about the time and cost savings for your company and clients.